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The ASPCA’s Human Resources Center for People Development (CPD) is your go-to source for effective training, development and educational opportunities. We offer the following services:

Management Training - This training is critical for those who direct and organize the work of others!  We offer training through our partnerships with companies such as Performance Solutions Group, DDI, AMA, the Ayers Group and many others.

Information Technology Training - Our talented IT team hosts WebEx sessions for all IT applications, an essential way to start out on the right foot at the ASPCA, as well as great refreshers to make sure you keep abreast of any changes to the most utilized programs and applications. 

Tuition Assistance Program - The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) helps both full-time and part-time employees achieve their goals by assisting them with continuing professional studies and higher education.  This new and improved program offers up to $5,250 per year for accredited coursework and increased flexibility for reimbursement.

Award & Recognition Programs - The ASPCA’s original historic seal, created in 1875 by illustrator Frank Leslie, depicts a fallen carriage horse in harness being beaten by its driver, with an armed angel of mercy hovering above. Just as in that scene, there are angels among us at the ASPCA every day, and periodically, we like to recognize our colleagues’ hard work and compassion through our employee awards programs such as The ASPCA Angel Award. 

In addition, individual departments are encouraged to recognize their employees resulting in award programs, such as:

  • Top Dawg
  • Phat Cat 
  • All Star
  • Best in Show
  • SNO Ball
  • Employee of the Month
  • Kwarterly Kudos.
  • Skill Based Pay (SBP) - For eligible employees, SBP is a training program designed to teach our direct care staff the skills they need in order to succeed here at the ASPCA.


  • Lunch and Learns (interdepartmental presentations) 
  • Business Skills Development (Business Writing, Public Speaking, New to Supervisory Roles)
  • “Ask the Center”- Automated email responses to questions about “Center” opportunities