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It is estimated that every year approximately 500,000 dog and cat owners pass away or are incapacitated without arranging for the proper care and supervision of their pets. As a result, many pets end up in shelters where their future remains uncertain.

LegalZoom.com, an online provider of individualized legal documents, supports the ASPCA’s efforts to Come to The Rescue of pets everywhere and offers the Pet Protection Agreement® to help pet owners provide for the long term or permanent care of their pets. LegalZoom has pledged to support the ASPCA with a minimum guarantee of $175,000 by donating 10 – 15% of the purchase price of each PPA through June 30, 2014. Please enter code ASPCAPPA when purchasing.

Created by animal law attorney Rachel Hirschfeld, the Pet Protection Agreement, provides a way for pet parents to ensure that their pet will be taken care of in the event that they are unable to do so.


Some of the key features of the Pet Protection Agreement, include:

• Designation of a Pet Guardian and successor Pet Guardians
• Designation of an Organization of Last Resort (OLR) as well as a beneficiary of any remaining funds
• The ASPCA or a local animal welfare organization in your area can serve as the OLR should the Pet Guardians be unable to serve in their designated capacity. Certain restrictions apply.

For questions regarding the OLR policy, please contact the ASPCA’s Trust and Estates department at (212)876-7700, ext.4783 or via email: [email protected].