7 Reasons It Was Awesome to Be a Dog or Cat at the ASPCA in 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 - 12:45pm
Cat hanging out with ASPCA Staffer

We all know 2013 was a banner one for animals on the internet. From Instagram to YouTube, there were tons of places for them to let loose. But this year wasn’t too shabby for cats and dogs at the ASPCA, either. They were the real winners, as always, and their lives just got better and better under our watch. Check out seven reasons why cats and dogs had an epic time of it at the ASPCA in 2013.

7. Free rides!

ASPCA Rescuer carrying two puppies

Puppies are rescued from a dog fighting site in Alabama

6. Dancing with the stars.

Reporter Michelle Beadle playing with kitten

A cat plays with reporter Michelle Beadle at the ASPCA. 

5. Swimming lessons.

dog getting water therapy

Remy the pit gets water therapy to repair her hind legs. 

4. Scratches on the nose and behind the ears.

Potential adopter pets cat

A kitty meets a potential adopter

3. Cat videos, obvs.

Ustream Catdown

Catching the top 10 cat videos of the year

2. Treats, treats and more treats.

HAL Dog of the Year eating a treat

The Dog of the Year at the ASPCA Humane Awards.


ASPCA Responder removes collar from dog fighting victim

A former fighting dog gets relief from a heavy collar.

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All SOOO sweet...but those little puppy butts with the wagging tails broke my think some dirtbag was planning on raising those sweet babies to maul each other!

So glad their angels arrived in time...

This all reaffirms my belief in heaven...and in hell.

Jayme Talson

It's wonderful to see such care these deserving animals are given. Thank you all who go above and beyond to care for our needy friends.

Aggie & Athena's Mum

ASPCA, you do great work! I chose PETA as my charity in 2013, but the next time the Combined Federal Campaign's open enrollment comes round, you're next on my list! THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR ANIMALS!

Deborah Ford

I agree with "yo". Those little puppies with the wagging tails are so cute. Thank God you guys rescued them. That's why I support the ASPCA, because I know it's going to a worthy cause. The kitty checking out it's potential adopter has the most beautiful eyes. She seems to bew saying, "Will you take care of me, and be good to me?"

Frank Dunlop

Very nice! I'm SO glad I'm donating! I have three dogs and two cats. Of these 5, 3 are rescues and I'm happy I could do so!

deb spanhake

i support and donate when i can to the ASPCA - they do more good than not! every org gets some bad news spread around (might have heard some rumors) but for the most part they get my vote. Every org has some wrong people working for them too! like in any business and/or jog etc. when giving always check for their 990 (tax itinerary of expenditures) and if they are a 501 k (non profit) we all know some of the monies has to go to keep the place open but they have to show where money is allocated to. takes a lot to feed, meds, advocate, have a staff that walks, gives pets, care attention. it's hard i know what ones where does money go but like paying a bill you have a need to know the battle is almost won when you decide to help with support and donations


Thank you ASPCA for all you do. I will continue to support you because I believe in you. God bless you all!


These pictures are wonderful! They restore my faith in numan nature. These animals are absolutely precious. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job helping them.

Gene Yakub

I'm disturbed about the kitten in the cage who seems more to want to get out than playing? In fact, it broke my heart, she needs therapy.

joan devito

go the extra mile join the legacy society