ASPCA Happy Tails: Soulful Seymour

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 9:30am
Catahoula Leopard Dog laying on grass

It’s hard not to be amazed by the resilience of animals. Every day, we meet dogs and cats who have been rescued from terrible situations—abandonment, hoarding, cruelty and even fighting—but more often than not they welcome us with wagging tails and open hearts. When we met Seymour, a 70-lb. Catahoula Leopard mix, we knew he was one of those special animals. Rescued from the home of a hoarder, this gentle giant consistently amazed us with his kind and loving demeanor. Here is his Happy Tail.

Seymour arrived at the ASPCA in February after being rescued from the home of a hoarder. We could tell he had been through a lot—his face was covered in scars from dog bites—and he timidly kept his tail between his legs. In fact, he was so shy that he could only be coaxed into the assessment room with the aid of a stuffed dog. Once settled, though, we saw what a truly sweet and loving boy Seymour could be, and we hoped to find a perfect adopter who would appreciate his sensitive soul. Fortunately, that perfect adopter walked through our door four months later.

Susan S. had been to the ASPCA before. In 2006, she adopted a 6-year-old dog named Ben, who passed away last June at the age of 14. When the timing felt right, she returned to our Adoption Center to find a new companion. “I never dreamed that I would adopt a dog as big as Seymour,” recalls Susan. She was at the shelter to meet our more petite pups, but Seymour was the very first dog she saw upon entering the facility. “He is an unusual mix, so I noticed him right away—and his size, of course,” she says. “He was standing on his hind legs licking the glass and, well, he noticed me, too.” After taking the full tour and meeting all available small dogs, Susan had a revelation. “I said, ‘I need to go back and see that spotted dog.’ And that was it. Once I was in his enclosure with him and he rubbed me with his enormous head, I knew he was mine.”

Catahoula Leopard Dog snuggling with woman

Susan adopted Seymour and he moved into her apartment on the Upper West Side. She tells us, “He’s a celebrity in the neighborhood. People know his name better than mine. In fact, people I don’t even know, know Seymour!” He’s so popular that people often stop to take his photo, and despite his history of being bitten, he plays happily with all the dogs in Central Park in the morning and evening.  Susan adds, “He is a perfect gentleman. He never, ever barks or acts aggressively. He has been wonderful from the start.”

When Susan tells us, “Seymour just drew me into his orbit with his soulful eyes,” we know exactly what she means. He is living proof that the past doesn’t define the dog, and we are so grateful that this 70-lb. teddy bear has found an adopter as sweet and as loving as he is. 

Catahoula Leopard Dog jumping in the air

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Valerie Ormond

So happy Seymour will now be having a great life. Very touched by his his story.............and it sounds like the big city and Central Park rival the wonderful gathering place here on Cape Cod where we know the dogs' names...........perhaps not the 'parents'. Hurray for the joy of Seymour! And thankful for those who make these rescues happen!


I so agree. Seymour will be having the fun and getting all the love and care he richly deserves. Thank you to Susan for adopting this special boy who must be the dog star of his west side 'hood. He does have such soulful eyes. Susan and Seymour, sweet and lovely and beautiful together. Such a grand photo! Lifts my heart!


Im a dog walker in NJ and used to work in the animal health field. People on the street would say hello and then have to tell me their pets name so I would know them! How true it is. Bless the beasts and their saviors.

Mary bissell

Dear Sandy,
While i'm not a dog walker but do know the ins and outs of walking a dog, I appreciate how people are interested in introducing their pet but forget to introduce themselves. What really matters is the interaction of animal and beast, oh no, person and animal. :)). Mary


Dear Valerie, Emma and Sandy,
I agree with all of your comments. You have written all the words I wish I could think of for comments to this story. A truly happy ending indeed! Thank You ASPCA, volunteers, donors and Susan's loving forever home for Seymour. (8->
It takes a lot of people to make a miracle and You-people have made another with the sweetness of Seymour.


I couldn't say it better myself!!!

Jay Freeman

Exactly. Perfectly said.


I was touched by this story...brought happy tears to my eyes! So happy for Seymour & his momma!


I always cry when I read or see HAPPY ENDINGS!! Thank GOD for the ASPCA!!! I have 2 rescues that continually fill my life with HAPPINESS!

Dresia Vaughn

I'm with you Rena, i cry too, when i read about happy endings.