ASPCA Pets of the Week: Caitlyn and Dermott

Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 11:15am
ASPCA Pets of the Week: Caitlyn and Dermott

Do you have room in your home for two canine companions? Look no further than best buddies Caitlyn and Dermott. These sweet dogs came to the ASPCA together as part of a cruelty investigation. They’ve come a long way since then and are ready to go to their forever homes—but what they’d really love now is the chance to go home together.

Caitlyn and Dermott are both shy at first, but with a little love and patience, there’s nothing these two would love more than to curl up on the couch by your side. These playful sidekicks are very friendly with other four-legged friends and would be perfect park companions or new best friends to your resident dog.

Dermott has special needs and will need a patient adopter to love and take care of him. He is blind, but has adjusted very well to his condition—especially with the help of pal Caitlyn, who has been known to guide Dermott in his surroundings. While we prefer they be adopted together, Caitlyn and Dermott do best in the company of other dogs and must go to households with another dog. We know adopting special needs pets is both a financial and time commitment, but these two have so much love to give in return. Adopt Caitlyn and Dermott today!

Caitlyn and Dermott are available for adoption at the ASPCA Adoption Center. If you are interested in adopting, please call our Adoptions department in New York City at (212) 876-7700 ext. 4120. To learn more about these best buddies, please visit Caitlyn and Dermott’s profile pages. 

ASPCA Pets of the Week: Caitlyn and Dermott

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I couldn't tell which sweet doggie was blind and which was seeing. I had to go back to the Adoption page to find out! Caitlyn and Dermott are both so darling and caring of each other. The beautiful photo of them walking so close together makes my heart swell. I really hope that they get to stay together in a new home. To think that these two magnificent, loving, sweet, pretty dogs were part of a cruelty investigation. Thank you, ASPCA, for rescuing them and for caring for them.


So sweet...humans have much to learn from dogs. This story reminded me of my Molly Brown, who went blind in both eyes gradually with age. She was blessed to have a son who was the leftover of a litter of may know how that happens, but we weren't planning on keeping any of them...Anyway, Sunny boy (named for his disposition) realized that his mom needed help going up and down the stairs so he would make use of his tail to guide her, walking patiently and deliberately slower.


I have tears in my eyes! These two are absolutely precious and I pray they find a wonderful home overflowing with love very soon. I know a lot of us wish we could take them in, but already have a house full of dogs as it is... wishing these two adorable babies all the best!


I second that. Tears too. Already have two dogs and two cats. Someone please take care of these beautiful brings.


Beautiful beings!

Judith Andersen

If I lived in New York instead of Virginia, I'd consider this adoption - they look wonderful - despite already sharing my life with two rescues, a pit bull and a rat terrier mix. I hope they find a wonderful home. I would have no trouble caring for a special needs dog.


There are several rescue organization that would help with that process free of charge. You should do it! Good luck :)

Paul D

They are precious. I already have 3 dogs and 4 cats or I would take them immediately. Special needs animals are very dear to me. They must have a chance at a good life. Working with them gives addded value to MY life. Please, anyone who has a heart and a home, give them a chance. The rewards are endless. Upon my retirement I will be able to house and take care of many more deserving animals. When I go to a shelter I don't look for any particular animal. I just ask for the one nobody wants and they come home with me.


I would love to adopt these two precious babies, however I do not think I would be allowed. I live in Canada and already have 10 fur babies and 2 cats. It's unfortunate though, because these two would love it here. We have a huge SUV to carry the pups around, we go swimming in their private pond, we have a huge yard that backs unto the wilderness, not much traffic and only a about 100 people living near by. Please take care of these two BEAUTIFUL pups! Blessed Be!


Such sweet dogs. Thank you to the ASPCA for rescuing them. I hope and pray they find a home together.