City of Phoenix Takes a Stand against Puppy Mills

Thursday, December 26, 2013 - 3:15pm
Dapple Dachshund

We are thrilled to share the news that Phoenix—Arizona’s largest city and state capital—has become the latest U.S. city to prohibit the sale of commercially bred puppies and kittens in pet stores! Last week the Phoenix City Council passed an ordinance banning pet stores from selling dogs or cats unless the animals come from shelters or rescue groups.

“We are going to, as a city, take a stand and prohibit the sale of puppies that come from puppy mills [and] mass-produced animals,” said City Councilman Tom Simplot. The ordinance, which also bans awarding live animals as prizes, will go into effect in mid-January (30 days from its December 18 passage). Kudos to the Phoenix City Council!

Puppy mills supply most pet stores across the U.S.—truly responsible, reputable breeders do not supply their animals to pet stores for resale. To learn more about the connection between the inhumane puppy mill industry and retail pet shops, please visit

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Phoenix is getting the ball rolling. Every city has to follow their lead. No more inhumane puppy mills!


PLEASE stop with the commercials! All you're doing is making people change the channel! Please!


Yes, they are very hard to watch, they are sickening; but while you're changing the channel, perhaps you should make a small donation to the animal rescue organization of your choice or volunteer at your local shelter or sign online petitions about animal rights legislation, etc. A lot of people out there would just like to sweep the suffering of wretched animals under the rug, get on with their nice lives and not have to think about it. The animals can't change the channel. Unless we help them, they suffer alone and die.


Amen Emma!


animal cruelty should stop no animal should deserve to be beaten or abandon im 16 and we could help them have a better future and the commercials are fine


my real name is abagail deford and im really 11 years old im going to Wal-Mart and buying a lot of stuff for the animals there. And I always rescue animals off the streets and find good homes for them once I donated 50 dollars for the aspca. I really hope that the animals can be saved

ASPCA Moderator

We're thrilled to have your support! Thank you for being an advocate for animals. 


This is a wonderful step that needed to be taken. Good for Phoenix. Now every other city and town needs to follow suit and banish puppy and kitty mills from off the face of the earth! Animals deserve better. We truly are their voice.




So happy to hear more good news like this :-)
Been praying often for these helpless animals. May God bless them all & keep them away from anymore harm.