Finding the Perfect Vet

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 1:30pm
Light orange and white colored cat laying on blanket

Creamsicle (pictured right)

Selecting a veterinarian can be a daunting process for some.  From convenience and price to competency and compassion, there are a number of factors that you may consider when deciding on a doctor for your pet.

Barbara Glover had many reasons to select the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) as her veterinary practice of choice. She has been an ASPCA adopter and a volunteer for more than 10 years. She has been coming to the ASPCA hospital since 2006 because she trusts the doctors and staff to provide the best care for her special-needs animals. 

In 2008, Barbara’s cat Leo had already received treatment for hyperthyroidism and was several months into treatment for small cell lymphoma when Barbara learned that Jazz, the love of her life, had cancer.  She began a rigorous course of chemotherapy treatments for him, but knew that it was time to say goodbye a few months later when his mass continued to grow.  Barbara says that when the time had come for Jazz, everyone at the ASPCA was so wonderful and so compassionate that saying goodbye to Jazz was one of the most memorable and touching experiences she ever had at the hospital. 

Dr. Janice Fenichel, who has been treating Barbara’s cats for years, says Barbara is an amazing client. “She is always right on top of things,” Dr. Fenichel notes. “She is very aware and conscientious and follows through.”  She also says that Barbara will go the extra mile for her pets, but knows when to make the hard call. 

Barbara has had kitties with a wide range of special needs, including socialization issues, neurological conditions, hip laxity, heart conditions and blindness. Her current kitties—Serena (born with no eyes), Creamsicle (heart disease and a neurological disorder) and Pumpernickel (rear-limb weakness)—all receive buckets of attention from AAH’s staff on every visit, and it’s one of the reasons that Barbara keeps coming back.

When all is said and done, your choice of veterinarian simply needs to “feel right.” Whether it’s the way the staff greets you, or the way the nurse carries your pet into the exam room, or even the way the doctor is able to explain something frightening in a reassuring way, your veterinarian should not only be a medical expert, but a trusted partner in the care of your pets.

Looking for a trusted vet? To make an appointment at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, please fill out this form or contact us at (646) 259-4080.

orange and white cat and black cat hanging out

Serena and Pumpernickel

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Barbara is a true angel for taking special care of these beautiful special-needs kitties!!! What a sweet girl Jasmine is for wanting to collect donations for her!!! I wish everyone could be such animal lovers.

Mesha Casteil

Barbie, You GO!! You Merciful Angel!!! I did your work for 48 years. Now, I am in a wheelchair caring for what will probably be my last sweet, precious group of 5 cats, 3 Argentine doves, one senior cockatiel, 3 senior bunnies, and one handicapped conure parrot. NOT A DAY GOES BY that I am not spending hours begging God to keep me healthy enough, and financially able to care for this, my 'last brood'... that I love SO MUCH. Of this aspect of my life.....I wouldn't change a thing about it if I could do it all over. The return-love has been IMMESURABLE!!!!!!! L-O-V-E To You, Barbara......and SO VERY BLESSED BE, ALWAYS. ........ MESHA CASTEIL


Oh my goodness, you have me beat by far! I wish you lots of health and happiness and keep up the wonderful work you do. And love to your wonderful kitties, birds and lucky they are to have you (and you them:).


You know they give back as much as I give:) And a shout out to Jasmine for her wonderful note and wish to help with coins in a cup! You're a wonderful girl with a big heart, I'm sure you'll find a way to help lots of needy animals in your lifetime.


I have been taking my kitties to Dr. Patti Gordon, owner of Allcats Healthcare Clinic for 19years. She is truly a partner taking care of my sweet kitties. 8 times she has helped me make hard decisions about treatment and then the ultimate decision of when to say goodbye. She comes to my home when it is the time. She is an amazing clinician, amazing person, compassionate, takes the time, works with me with the costs of care-- I only trust her to care for my kitties. I told her she can't retire. I hope all of us pet parents find a vet they trust completely as I have been fourtunate to have found. It is truly a blessing.

Eva-Lynn Podietz

ASPCA Animal Hospital vets are wonderful and loving. Barbara, whom I've known for years, is an amazing person, too. She has taken some challenging, angelic cats into her life and they have given, and continue to give, back over and over again--as does she!