Get Involved: How You Can Help Animals at ASPCA-Sponsored Lobby Days

Friday, March 7, 2014 - 3:45pm
ASPCA Government Relations

Connecticut State Representative Brenda Kupchick (right) speaks at Voices for Animals Day.

When Brenda Kupchick’s son was nine years old, he begged her for a puppy. Eventually, she gave in and purchased a female beagle at a pet shop. “Over the next 12 years, that dog cost us $16,000 in vet bills,” admits Kupchick, now a Connecticut state representative. “Not only did she cost us a lot of money, but a lot of heartache, as well.”

Rep. Kupchick, along with Rep. Auden Grogins, spoke at the ASPCA’s Connecticut Voices for Animals Day in Hartford on February 21, using the forum to renew their support for a state law that would address the inhumane treatment of dogs in the commercial breeding facilities—commonly known as puppy mills—that supply animals to Connecticut pet shops. 

ASPCA-sponsored lobby days like Connecticut Voices for Animals Day give animal lovers like you the chance to meet your elected officials and tell them, in person, that you support animal protection and oppose laws that would allow animals to be hurt and exploited. Of the 31 animal advocates in attendance at Connecticut Voices for Animals Day, many were lobbying for their first time. Lisa King felt the trip was “absolutely worth it.”

“I had a nice conversation with an aide to my state senator,” Lisa said. She also left behind a personal note for Senator Cathy Osten. “It’s important for them to realize that people who vote for them have these concerns.”

Don’t miss your state’s lobby day—visit our Advocacy Events Calendar frequently to see what’s coming up near you, and sign up to receive ASPCA Advocacy Alerts so you never miss an invitation! 

ASPCA Government Relations event

Stacey Doan of Protectors of Animals, Inc., Maya, a Chow Chow up for adoption, and Rep. Brenda Kupchick welcome a group of seventh and eighth graders from Cesar A. Batalla School in Bridgeport to Connecticut Voices for Animals Day.