New Yorkers Lobby for Stronger Animal Laws at "Voices for Animals Day"

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 11:45am
New Yorkers Lobby for Stronger Animal Laws at "Voices for Animals Day"

Hey Advocates! Here at the ASPCA we work hard to make sure the strongest laws are in place to protect animals across the country—but we can’t do it without the help of our dedicated grassroots supporters like you!

Among the most powerful ways for animal advocates to help shape our laws is through lobbying legislators directly. This was especially true at last Wednesday’s “New York Voices for Animal’s Day,” when our New York advocates gathered at the State Capitol in Albany to make their voices heard on behalf of animals across the state.  

“The ASPCA is fortunate to have some exceptionally effective citizen advocates,” said Bill Ketzer, ASPCA Senior State Director for the Northeast Region. “We build their skills during grassroots webinars and in-person meetings, where they can really learn the issues and build a community that amplifies our collective voice.”

Our citizen lobbyists had a busy agenda that included meeting with state assembly members, senators and legislative aides to share stories, find common ground and request support for animal-friendly bills, including bills to prohibit breed-discriminatory insurance policies, fund trap-neuter-return programs, and ensure pets are included in public transportation emergency plans in the event of natural disaster evacuations.

But it wasn’t all business. The day kicked off with a training session and breakfast hosted by advocacy experts and ASPCA Government Relations staff, followed by a special Humane Leadership Awards presentation to New York lawmakers who have exhibited particular dedication to animal protection. Even Hudson “The Railroad Puppy” made a special appearance!

We want to thank each one of our New York advocates and all of our supporters nationwide for standing beside us as we continue to fight for animals!

Our advocates include people from all backgrounds and all levels of advocacy experience, and it’s when we come together to be a unified voice for animals that enormous impact on legislation can be made. We can’t do it without you!

If you haven’t yet, join our ASPCA Advocacy Brigade today so you’ll never miss out on the next Lobby Day, grassroots training or opportunity to take action. Together, we are unstoppable!