Paralyzed Cat Learns to Walk Again Thanks to ASPCA’s Lil BUB Grant Funding

Friday, June 20, 2014 - 11:00am
White cat lounging in chair

In honor of Lil BUB’s third birthday this Saturday, we’d like to share another story about how Lil BUB’s Big FUND for the ASPCA helps special needs cats across the country. Our grant to Tabby’s Place in Ringoes, New Jersey came just in time to help an amazing cat named Casper.

Sweet kitty Casper was born to a feral mom and was part of a well cared-for outdoor cat community. When he failed to show up for breakfast one February morning, his caretakers feared the worst. They searched for him and found poor Casper paralyzed, unable to even lift his head. He was rushed to an emergency vet, where it was determined that Casper’s paralysis wasn’t caused by trauma, but rather something in his spine.

Due to the location of that “something,” a biopsy would have been too risky, but neurologists were sadly confident that the problem was caused by spinal cancer. Despite this often fatal diagnosis, a cat sanctuary called Tabby’s Place in New Jersey took Casper in and started a variety of treatments to help him. Under the care of their veterinary team, he received physical therapy, steroid treatment, acupuncture, pain medication and antibiotics in case his condition had been caused by an infection.

With a lot of love and hard work, Casper slowly began his miraculous recovery. First he lifted his head, then sat up straight, then moved one leg after another. One day, beyond the wildest dreams of the Tabby’s Place team, he walked. Now this brave cat steps confidently around their lobby all day in search of affection and tasty treats. He’s even taken on new challenges, like jumping onto a cat-sized couch!

While some may have given up hope in light of Casper’s case, Tabby’s Place truly gave this cat a second chance at life. Development Director Angela Townsend tells us that volunteers of all ages love to curl up across from him and gaze into his gentle eyes. We’re glad we can help special needs pets receive the specialized care they need to live happy lives. As Angela puts it, “In all he does, Casper makes it clear that he was built to last—and to love. “

Want to be a part of success stories like Casper’s? In honor of Lil BUB’s third birthday on Saturday, June 21, she hopes to raise $50,000 by the end of June to help even more special needs cats. Please help her give an amazing gift to cats in need! Check out this video of one of Casper’s first walks to see how your contribution can help cats nationwide. 

White cat resting chin on chair