Got Kids Who Love Animals (and Online Shopping)? Join Virtual Piggy!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 12:45pm
Little girl holds white cat

We’re pleased to announce a new fundraising partnership with Virtual Piggy, an online payment service designed especially for families with children. Now through the end of the year, Virtual Piggy will donate $1 to the ASPCA for each new user who registers through this ASPCA link!

Virtual Piggy is an online family wallet that protects your child's privacy when he or she shops online under the limits you set. Parents stay in control, kids and teens get to learn financial responsibility, and there are never any fees or charges. It’s a great way to create an ongoing family conversation around financial literacy by empowering kids to make decisions within parental boundaries.

Virtual Piggy also provides kids and teens with tools to help them budget, save and give to charities responsibly. The service is 100% free to use, and available online or via mobile.

“Philanthropy is important to us and a key component to a well-rounded knowledge of financial literacy,” says Dr. Jo Webber, CEO and founder of Virtual Piggy. “We are excited to work with the ASPCA, which is one of the Virtual Piggy members’ favorite charities.”

“Kids and teens have always had a passion for the welfare of animals,” adds Elysia Howard, ASPCA Vice President of Marketing and Licensing. “Now they can feel empowered to directly contribute to a cause they deeply care about.”

Donate to the ASPCA at no cost to you by setting up a free account at Virtual Piggy—visit today to get started.

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