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The ASPCA works with local, state and federal legislators to help enact meaningful protections for animals. We also offer advocacy training and support for citizens who wish to engage in grassroots lobbying. Stay informed and get involved—politics is not a spectator sport!

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Action Needed Now

USA: Urge Congress to Ban Horse Slaughter Once and for All!
USA: Urge Your Representative to Join the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus!
USA: Urge Your Federal Lawmakers to Cosponsor the PAWS Act of 2015
USA: Support Legislation to Protect Animals During Disasters!
USA: Help Stop Government-Funded Animal Torture
USA: Factory Farms Should Not Be Able to Meet “USDA Organic” Standards
CA: Upgrade Your State's Laws Protecting Pets During Disasters!
CA: Help Animals Rescued from Cruelty Get Proper Care & Sheltering!
CT: Don’t Let Insurance Companies Target Family Dogs!
D.C.: Community Cats Facing Dire Threat from City—Please Speak Up Now!
IL: Urge Gov. Rauner to Keep Bobcats Protected!
KY: Thank Your Lawmakers for Standing Up for Animals!
MA: Ask Your Legislators to Support Animal-Protection Bills!
ME: Your Spay/Neuter Program WORKS—Don’t Defund It!
ME: Protect Pet Store Puppies; Support Groundbreaking Puppy Mill Bill!
MO: Don’t Give Puppy Mills and Factory Farms Special Protections
NC: Support Bill to Stop Puppy Mill Suffering Before It Starts!
NC: Give Your Legislators Feedback on Their Ag-Gag Votes!
NV: Help Law Enforcement Protect At-Risk Animals!
NV: Thank Your Lawmakers for Supporting Bill to Make Research Animals Available for Adoption!
NY: Bill to Protect Community Cats Needs Your Support
NY: Urge Governor Cuomo to Sign Bill to Protect Pets in Disasters!
OH: Animal-Protection Bills Need Your Help!
OK: Reject Dangerous “Right to Harm” Legislation!
RI: Egg-Laying Hens Deserve Better; Support Bill to Ban Battery Cages
TX: Keep Dogs Safe! Require Canine Encounter Training for Peace Officers


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