Fight Cruelty

Welfare-Conscious Choices

Several cows grazing on a grassy field

At every step of their lives, farm animals must be treated with compassion, protected from suffering, and provided with the Five Freedoms: freedom from fear and distress, freedom from pain, injury and disease, freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, and freedom to express natural behaviors.

Factory-like industrial farms, and even many small or less-industrialized farms, force the animals they raise for meat, milk and eggs to live in misery. Factory farms subject animals to painful practices and confine them in ways that stifle their basic needs and urges. So how can the average person fight this system and make more welfare-conscious choices?

We believe that farm animal suffering can be reduced through expanded education about more humane farming methods, smart shopping, and reduced consumption of animal products. Programs such as Meatless Monday offer an easy and fun way to reduce your intake of meat and other animal products.

Welfare-Conscious Purchasing

A number of animal welfare product-labeling programs exist that set minimum standards of care for farm animals. These programs monitor compliance through various inspection and auditing regimes. Each label has its own scope (they may encompass different species, for example), its own animal welfare requirements, and its own procedures for enrolling producers and overseeing compliance. We encourage you to research these programs. They include:

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