Specialties and Emergency Care

Tiny puppy held by animal health professional in scrubs.

NYC Animal Hospital Specialties

The ASPCA Animal Hospital has three full-time internal medicine specialists on staff. They are experts in the management of a range of complex diseases, from liver and kidney dysfunction to diseases of blood cells and hormonal disorders. Our staff internists also perform ultrasounds, bone marrow sampling and endoscopic procedures.

Our boarded-certified surgeons provide a full range of orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries. Examples of surgeries commonly performed include liver shunt correction, fracture repair, removal of cancerous masses and organ biopsies.

Radiology and cardiology services are offered on-site through consulting specialists.

NYC Animal Hospital Emergency Care

Our emergency doctors and well-equipped Intensive Care Unit are ready to handle even the most life-threatening emergencies. We offer blood typing, cross-matching, blood transfusions for dogs and cats, EKG, oxygen therapy, chest and abdominal cavity taps, in-house blood work with immediate results, and much more.

Our Manhattan animal ICU is staffed 24 hours a day by caring and highly-skilled licensed veterinary technicians.

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